State and Federal Tax Benefits

In addition to a 65% state credit, individuals and businesses may also receive a deduction for a charitable contribution, and therefore achieve potential tax savings in two ways:

    1. Deductions against taxable income as a charitable donation on state income taxes.
    2. Credit against Virginia taxes: Reduction equals 65% of the amount approved for the donation.

*Gifts of appreciated stock provide additional benefits to the donor.

IMPORTANT: Please consult your Tax Advisor to determine your specific tax savings.



Contact the Development Office at one of the three school supported by Virginia Foundation for LD Students (VFLDS) to verify tax credit eligibility and availability. Once verified, you will receive a Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Pre-Authorization Request Form and a Letter of Intent from the school you wish to support.

Send the completed VDOE Pre-Authorization Request Form and Letter of Intent back to the school. The foundation will ensure your forms are properly submitted to the VDOE for tax credits.

Once approved by the VDOE. You will receive a Pre-Authorization Approval Notice for EISTCP Tax Credit, in which allows you to make your gift to the VFLDS within 180-days. (Note: Please check with the school you are supporting, because they may have a specific time frame in which your gift must be received.)

Return your completed Pre-Authorization Approval Notice to the foundation along with your gift of check, securities, or credit card made payable directly to the Virginia Foundation for LD Students.

AFTER your donation is made:

The VFLDS will:

    • send donor receipt of gift
    • submit paperwork to VDOE
    • notify the school of your scholarship contribution

Within 30 days of your gift, the VDOE will issue your Tax Credit Certificate:

    • Current law allows tax credits to be claimed for the taxable year of the donation, and for up to five successive years.
    • Donors must provide the tax certificate provided by the VDOE with the tax return in which the credits are being claimed.